How Much Do You Value Democracy?

How much do you value democracy?

Would you sacrifice your time for it?

Would you sacrifice your properties and worldly belongings for it?

Would you sacrifice your wives, husbands, family members, loved ones and friends for it?


Would you sacrifice your life for it?

  1. For me, democracy is start from ourself. If we being honest to ourself, we will be honest to others. The way to be honest is believe in GOD and bow to what he ask we to do. That is why muslim asked 5 times a day to remind their self of GOD and bow their head to the lowest place on earth. I will sacriice myself to true democracy. Not Demokrasi ” berperlembagaan ” konon.

  2. Demokrasi adalah sesuatu yang boleh dibuat (mencapai tahap Harus di dalam Islam) tetapi ada limitasi tertentu yang wajar dihormati demi kebaikan majoriti yang lainnya 🙂

  3. Well.. democracy can mean so many things… but a true democracy is system of governance that reflects the will of the people.

    If people believe in God and puts God’s law as the supreme law of the land, so be it…

    As long as the majority of people accept that, then things will be just fine.

    And of course, a true democracy needs to have a system where the will and desires of the people can be expressed.

  4. democracy for me is people’s voice in governance.

  5. Terima Kasih kerana pernah membuat pautan ke Beras Padu,

    Dimaklumkan bahawa Beras Padu Telah kembali hidup pada alamat

  6. hai

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