The Launching of “Visions of An Alternative Society”

I am now embarking on a project called ‘Visions of An Alternative Society’. This project will be ongoing, and hopefully will be one of the core intellectual anchors of this online journal.

There is a long story that motivates me to write about an alternative society. The most important is that: I am not satisfied with the current state of the society that we now live in. Yesterday, I had some discussions with some friends about many important issues that young people are experiencing. These issues include: increasing property prices, an almost stagnant growth of real individual income (especially for the 20 to 30 year olds), job insecurity due to high levels of globalization and global warming – which translates into higher utility rates (clean energy is expensive), higher energy prices and higher food prices (many of the suggestion to grow bio-fuel would crowd out agricultural lands).Many of my friends simply resigned. But not me! Of course, I cannot by myself change the world. But hopefully, I would contribute something. In the least I would be contributing to the ideas to tackle the “New Realities” which many of us will face in our lifetime.Eventually I would like to write a book about it, but that is another story.As of now there are several parts of this project:

  1. Why should there be an alternative society
  2. The basic principles of this society
  3. How this society operates – i.e. the economic structure
  4. The relationship of this society to the structures of the existing nation-state
  5. The relationship of this society to other religious and ethnic groups within the nation state

Each of these parts will constitute a category within this blog. The kind of language that I use will be simple, conversational language. I admit that it will be foolish to write in a formal way; one reason is of course due to the possibility that some other people will steal my ideas and get all the credit themselves. But still, the ideas that matters for this project will be outlined and enhanced/edited whenever necessary or whenever it is practical for me to do so, given my limited time that I spend for this blog.

And so it goes: I hereby declare that my project titled: “Visions of An Alternative Society” is officially started.Since I have written quite a bit on the 2nd part, I would naturally begin from part 2. By next week, or so, the first installments on part 2 will commence.  Other parts will follow later. 


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