Alternative Society – So What?

During some of my discussions with friends and colleauges, this question was posed to me. “So what is the use of talking about an alternative society.  This sounds like the Al Arqam and other deviationist movements etc..etc…”

He then said ” you are going too much into politics… What we should do is to know more about making money and more money… Not all these mumbo jumbo about alternative society…”

It took quite a while to absorp his comments. I suppose, that is a common response especially from the Chinese. My friend is a Chinese. Thinking about that my mind wandered off to China…..

So, quite recently Hong Kong celebrated its 10th anniversary of the hand-over to the PRC. And so, I read from the BBC website and then listen to the BBC radio about an interview of a group of students. If I’m not mistaken some of the students mentioned that Hong Kong people (and in fact the Chinese people) are not interested in the abstract concept of democracy or in changing their their society into an alternative one in which democrcay is truly practiced. They say the Chinese are more interested in making money and solving economic problems…

Is that so?

So then I remembered Emily Lau

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Emily Lau from

Emily Lau is one of prominent people in Hong Kong fighting for an alternative social arrangement over there – basically to instititute democracy in the territory.

But I am still amazed by this conception or stereotype that Chinese are more interested in making money over anything else….

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