Lack of Postings

I have to apologize to readers for the lack of postings in this blog. This is due to me not having time to post entries in this blog. The reason is due to my work. You see, I work in the field. I seldom spend time connected to the internet in such a leisurely manner. Of course, there will be times in which I am connected to the internet. So during those times, if I am not browsing, I will post entries on this blog.

I also would like to apologize to PPS if they find me having a lot of pings in one day or in a short time period. This is unavoidable since I don’t have a lot of free leisure time in front of the computer playing internet, so during those scarce time periods which I do play internet and when I do have blog entries I will ping those posts to PPS. Therefore during times I may seem to flood PPS. I do apologize for that.

Finally, I also apologize to readers who e-mail me at  I have to admit that some of the e-mails require deep thoughts before answering. I admit I have not answered many of the e-mails.


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