Multiculturalism – Some Discussion Tools

Before I even begin the definition of ‘multicultural society’, I would like to illustrate some tools which will make future discussions easier.

Here I illustrate a hypothetical example of a multicultural society. First assume that the boundary of this society is contained within a state.

Look at Figure 1:

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In Figure 1, the components of the multicultural society consist of different ethnic-religious groups (which is each given the term ‘ethnie’); the institutions of the state which includes civil-service, police, military and other agencies that are normally categorized as government departments or agencies; the national elite which includes the executive, legislative, top judiciary officers and top executives who run the institutions of the state. Finally, there is what is called productive assets which basically anything that are used to produce goods and services.

Note that I also indicate that within each ethnie, there is the ethnie elite. These are the elite groups which are associated to that ethnic or religious group. Readers may also be aware purposefully draw some ethnie circle to be big and some to be small. The large or small ethnie circle indicate the size of the ethnie group. These will have implications (or will be made clear) in later discussions.

Figure 1 illustrates the constructs or objects that will be used repeatedly in the section Multiculturalism? The next step is to explain in more detail each of the construct. Only after that I will explain how each construct relate to each other.

Perhaps the first thing that I need to do is to explain more on the term ethnie. Interested readers may read more the term ethnie in the library or they may click to this blog entry – Ethnie and Modern Nations  by Imagined Community for a concise explanation of that term. Now in leading readers to this entry, I do sincerely hope that readers do not believe whatever that is being said by the author. The term ethnie ultimately must be defined contextually. The discussions surrounding the term ‘ethnie’ will be the topic of the next entry in the Multicultural? section.


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