I am now starting a new section called Multiculturalism? This section would ultimately be connected to my discussions on the Alternative Society.

Readers might be puzzled by the title Multiculturalism? Why the question mark? The reason is that there is a controversy around this term. This will be the main issues that will be explored in this section.

In discussing multiculturalism, one cannot avoid this aspect which may be peculiar to Malaysia. Some people say that Malaysia is a multicultural society. After all, there are a many different ethnic and cultural groups in Malaysia. Also these different ethnic groups live in harmony.

Now, I understand that some may beg to differ. Some Chinese or Indians might say that they are being discriminated against or they are victims of the so called Malay preferential treatment. Unfortunately in this age of internet, these disgruntled people seem to have a lot of avenue to voice out their complaint to a pint bordering on provoking racial sentiments. On the other hand there may be some people that will vouch for my statement that the different ethnic groups in Malaysia live in harmony; they rightly say that there are no ethnic conflicts in Malaysia for the past 35 years or so. This is a substantial achievement as many countries with similar ethnic make-up usually suffer continuous racial conflicts. Just look up north and south; east and west ; you know what I mean. Oh I forgot to mention the little dot which is known as Singapore. Singapore is of course an exception.

The term multiculturalism also is relevant my section – Explorations of Beauty. At this stage I am not articulating the relevance explicitly. Perhaps readers who are sensitive may understand. But eventually, the relevance will be made clearer.

Since there is a lot of controversy surrounding the term multiculturalism, we must spend time to ponder on the definition of that term.

So, how do we describe the term multi-cultural and multiculturalism? How does one define “multi-cultural society”?

That will be the subject of the next entry.


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