Hello Again (2) – Why Choose to be Anon?

Perhaps some of the readers might want to know why I choose to become anonymous. The reason is that anonymity can give more room to maneuver. I understand that some people might say that anonymity is a sign of cowardice; as this allows the writer to escape responsibility that comes from writing the blog entries. But then I have seen my mates who choose to write under their real names suffer some disadvantages. I have a friend found some body at the train station suddenly tap on his shoulder; he was quite surprised to find a lady pensioner saying to him: “You look like that lad from the XYZ blog… are you really that person?”. And another, a lady friend said that she receive a lot of love letters from desperate admirers… all of whom read her blog regularly. She even got letters from married men, some who told her about their unsatisfactory marriages. It’s unbelievable! One reason for her popularity is that she put her photos and photos of her lady friends – all of them are gorgeously beautiful – on Flickr.

Of course some would cherish the fame of being popular in the cyber world, but I am not one of these people.

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