Hello Again (4) – But what if…

Now…..Some body told me: what if some one steals my idea. They say that I am foolish to put my thoughts publicly.

Actually that is not a problem. This is because what I wrote in this blog are my rough, unpolished thoughts. So, if readers may notice, I have not paid enough attention to let say grammar or spelling etc…. I also deliberately do not give away everything. What is written here is merely a drop in the ocean so to speak.

To say honestly, I was also hoping that if some one does steal my ideas and that it can be proven… then such instances may mean a bonanza for me…. of course that will only work only if there are some editors/authors that plagiarize this blog…. And these authors must be in such a condition to offer me financial compensation…. If another blogger plagiarize my work, there is practically nothing I can do…. Except for highlighting that they steal my idea in my blog entries….. then I can start a blog-war.

Now, I myself am quite sensitive to plagiarism. If I were to take the ideas of other workers, or materials such as photos – I would acknowledge them and duly cite the sources (or websites) which I obtain those materials. As you can see, I have cited the sources of the photos which appear in this blog… and these sources are at the time when I click the “publish” button are working….

Anyway, enough of this talk….. getting bored… I know….. lets turn to more interesting issues.


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