What is an Ethnie? (3)

However, geography or space is not the only dimension in determining relationships within an ethnie group. Figure 3 describes the factors that bind an ethnie. The first factor is common ancestry. Basically if your parents is from ethnie M, then your are belong to ethnie. There is of course the complication if you father is from ethnie I but your mother from ethnie M. Or if your mother is from ethnie C and your father is from ethnie M. There are many ways in which multicultural societies have solved this problem. This will be a discussion in the future – of course… if time permits.

Another binding mechanisms are common tradition and shared beliefs. Perhaps the strongest binding mechanism are the core values, shared beliefs and common traditions. This is shown in Figure 3:

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In Figure 3, I have deliberately drawn a sort of concentric circles which begins from common ancestry and ends with the core values. This will have implications in future discussions. But for this time I would to stress that the practice of traditions or subscription of beliefs and values determine who is in the fringes and who is in the mainstream. For example within the M ethnie, there are members who are by birth are M, but because of their different lifestyles or beliefs may be considered as fringes rather than in the mainstream. So these people in the fringes are nominally part of the ethnie because their parents are part of the ethnie. However they have values and/or belief systems that are totally at odds with the mainstream.


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