Malaysian Bloggers are under scrutiny and things may get worse– whose fault?

In my opinion, if the government decides to be strict to bloggers; then that is the fault of the bloggers. Bloggers were given the freedom of speech. But they (some of them) have misuse it. They have misuse it so greatly that the government have decided to take that freedom away. Previously the Malaysian bloggers enjoy a high degree of freedom to discuss anything under the sun. Now, they are finding that this degree of freedom is getting smaller…and smaller. All of these… are courtesy of those stupid bloggers who blatantly engage and promote hate speech in their blogs and net forums etc.

In my opinion, Malaysian bloggers should write more sensibly. They should be careful when presenting personal opinions especially when it deals with religious and racial issues and other sensitive issues. Yes, bloggers can question, they can criticize, they can give opinions…. But they must be very careful not to cross the line which delineates/separates acceptable questioning and criticism on one side to the engagement of hate speech and promotion of hatred on the other side.

Remember…. There is no such thing as an absolute freedom of speech….especially when bloggers do not have the power to enforce or let alone protect their freedom of speech. The freedom of speech in which Malaysian bloggers enjoyed until now is all from the courtesy of the government.

Well, I suppose all that suggestions may be too late……

In that case: I can only offer to my fellow Malaysian bloggers – my deepest condolence and regret – condolence because from now on they have ‘lost’ their freedom of speech, and regret because they lose this privilege due to the misuse of free speech by some irresponsible, reckless and stupid bloggers. These bloggers chose to “live dangerously” by testing the government’s patience and perseverance even though they know that in any confrontation with the government – they will ultimately lose.

So to these irresponsible, reckless and stupid bloggers – Vivere Pericoloso!


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