Vivere Pericoloso….Malaysian Bloggers !!!

I have come up a new section titled: Vivere Pericoloso – Malaysian Bloggers! In this section I will blog on the current affairs that is now affecting Malaysian bloggers.

Now, I should tell readers that I am writing from my own point of view. What I write are based on what I read about the current affairs concerning Malaysian bloggers. I also wish to tell readers that I am not affiliated to any partisan groups or political parties in Malaysia.

Yes, I may not be impartial….but…what I write represents my views and my opinions.

And also, these entries are provisional. By that, I mean these entries may be revisited and changed from time to time. This is unavoidable as the situation is fluid.

Actually I have already posted several entries which I made earlier – that is before I come up with this section. Readers can view them via this section – Vivere Pericoloso – Malaysian Bloggers!


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