2007 – Tahun Vivere Pericoloso bagi Blogger-Blogger Malaysia?

In 2007, Malaysian bloggers is experiencing the taste of living dangerously. The “co-habitation period” which the bloggers enjoy under the Mahathir premiership is virtually over. In its place is a period of uncertainty. But still many bloggers gamble their fate by continuing to be ‘recalcitrant’. Many bloggers choose to be in a confrontational mode with the government.

So what will happen? Will 2007 will merely pass without any major incident? Or will the year 2007 be a tahun vivere pericoloso for Malaysian bloggers.

In my opinion, Malaysian bloggers are in a very weak position. They cannot win. They are destined to lose. Their appeal is limited to a relatively small group of people. In short – the bloggers’ influence is limited only in the virtual world. The bloggers are yet to make an impact to the general population in Malaysia.

In this regard the year 2007 will pass through. The government knowing that bloggers are such in a weak position, will not take any action, especially when taking such an action will not augur well among Western democracies. Yes these western democracies – the EU, US and even Japan are among the biggest investors in Malaysia and these democracies at this stage provide a large market outlet for Malaysian made products. So the government will not want to escalate the situation.

However, Malaysian bloggers might get big headed and decide to confront the government by being stubborn and recalcitrant. I think that there is a considerable probability that this is the case. This inference is made from my readings of the Malaysian blogosphere and in some Malaysian internet forums. Yes – I think some blogger is joining an opposition party and if I am not mistaken one opposition party is urging bloggers to go a step further (I still need to verify statements in these 2 last sentences – will appreciate feedback). Bloggers may push the envelope too far….

In such situations, Malaysian bloggers are gambling their fates.


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