But Unfortunately…Some Bloggers May be Risking Too Much….

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He lived dangerously – Mel Gibson and other casts in the movie “The Year of Living Dangerously”

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But he left his loyal friend Kumar (who was a PKI sympathizer) behind to face imminent death….

Picture Source – The Year of Living Dangerously at www.peterweircave.com/

I am sure that the influential bloggers are knowledgeable on the socio-political situation in Malaysia. They understand that in Malaysia the government has the upper hand.

However, I suspect that these influential bloggers are banking on their stature to “immunize” them from the law. What I mean by this is that: in the event of them being in a “sticky” situation, these bloggers can fall back on their stature to bail them out or at least enable them to escape some aspects of the law. Of course much of this stature is derived from international recognition. The more famous Malaysian bloggers have networked themselves within the broader international blogging scene. Some famous bloggers have attended international ICT conferences, workshops, seminars et;, and some are active in promoting blogging; and some others are actively involved in the media, arts and cultural industries etc. It is these networks that give Malaysian bloggers the international stature. In addition some of the more high profile Malaysian bloggers are affiliated to political parties – especially opposition parties.

But, in saying all that, these famous bloggers are still gambling with their future and even their families. Their so called influence and stature might not be enough to mitigate the law. International recognition might be illusory, i.e. not enough to save them from the law. And affiliation to political parties might back-fire.

This excitement of living dangerously has infected many of the less famous i.e. ordinary bloggers. Unfortunately for these less well known bloggers, they don’t have the same privileges as the more famous counter parts. They are less networked and they don’t have the international stature. If they get into trouble, they are less likely to be given international coverage. I would say that these ordinary bloggers face higher risks, as their gambling odds are much worse than their more famous counter-parts.

Imagine this – the last time when Raja Petra Kamaruddin was called by the police, he was interviewed by the BBC. And the local blogosphere highlighted his situation. But what if Mr Joe Blogs or Ms Jane Blogs were to be detained or called by the police? Will the BBC or any other international media give him/her an exclusive interview? Who will bail Mr Joe Blogs or Ms Jane Blogs if they were to be detained? Will the other local bloggers feature the plight of these less famous bloggers?

But still, the excitement of living dangerously is evident in many of the less well known Malaysian bloggers. Of course, I have to admit that some of them live overseas, so the Malaysian laws are not applicable. But still, from my readings of the Malaysian blogosphere – many do blog from Malaysia. And in some blogs, they even have the photos of their authors and their family members.

Indeed, this issue will be explored in the future…

Until then – I would like to say to the Malaysian bloggers who choose to the path of living dangerously: Good luck and all the best!

Hey Malaysian Bloggers – Vivere Pericoloso!!!

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