Hey Bloggers…Live Dangerously!

The secret of the greatest fruitfulness and greatest enjoyment of existence is: To live dangerously!


Sometimes I wonder why some Malaysian bloggers continue to be inflammatory and recalcitrant even though they know that in the event of direct confrontation, they will be on the losing side. This is made by my observations on some of the Malaysian blogs. For example, some bloggers continue to believe that they have right to engage in free speech even though in reality they are engaging hate speech. And some bloggers just dismiss the government’s powers in defining what they can write in their blogs. And many believe that their freedom of speech is not a privilege; but rather a right which is sacred and cannot be compromised.

One explanation may lie in Nietzsche’s phrase which I quote above.

Basically some people thrive on the thrill and excitement from danger. The internet it seems has become another avenue for the thrill seekers.

*Kaufmann, Walter ed. The Portable Nietzsche. London: Penguin Books, 1976

Note: The title of this entry – Hey Malaysian Bloggers – Live Dangerously! is adapted from a phrase taken from Sukarno’s speech in 22 October 1962**. In this speech he wrongly quoted from Giuseppe Mazzini’s*** book – The Duty of Man – the phrase “living dangerously”. That phrase of course came from Nietzsche. Basically in that speech Sukarno exhorted to the young audience to live dangerously.

**This speech was given to students at the UGM (Universitas Gajah Mada) in Jogjakarta.

**Giuseppe Mazzini is a 19th century Italian revolutionary. He has the tendency to inspire young people to sacrifice for the good of their country. Mazzini’s influence was felt throughout Europe and beyond.

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