(Kebanyakan) Blogger Malaysia Masih Bodoh….(with a disclaimer)

I would like to think that many of these bloggers are bodoh (stupid)*.

But then, because this situation (as described in previous entry) is quite prevalent – there has to be some explanation.

In fact there might be – if we read this article by Birgit Bräuchler:
Cyberidentities at War: Religion, Identity, and the Internet in the Moluccan Conflict.

Indonesia Vol 75 pp: 123-152.

But still I cannot stop but think that many Malaysian bloggers are bodoh. They are bodoh because they still carry their ethnie identity and baggage into the so called revolutionary mode of communication i.e. blogging and the internet. These bloggers are also bodoh because they have wasted a lot of opportunity to build a Malaysia in which ethnie identity are lessened (remember the concept Bangsa Malaysia). These bloggers are also bodoh because they justify their hate speeches in the name of the freedom of speech and expression.

Ultimately many of these bloggers are bodoh because they pretend to be progressive, modern and forward looking when in fact they are backward and regressive – as they themselves are still trapped within the confines of their ethnie boundaries. Yes these bloggers are still trapped within the confines of their ethnie boundary and as such they are – “masih bodoh” (still stupid).

Bloggers – especially those bloggers who say that are defending free speech, should refrain from conducting or promoting hate speech. This is because such actions will be detrimental to their cause. In my opinion, it will be much better for those bloggers to work through their entries in building a broad based coalition among all Malaysian bloggers and cyber identities (i.e. those who do not have blogs but comment on blogs and other internet forums) in order to support their cause – which can be freedom of speech in the internet or any other worthy causes.

But instead, many (if not some) of these bloggers seem to be driven by the desire to promote racial and religious division which can spill over to the real world.

In the next set of entries I will give several examples to illustrate the points I raised  in this entry. Until then bye-bye.

many of these bloggers are bodoh (stupid)* – this phrase refers only to those bloggers who blog about Malaysian politics and society. This phrase does not apply to those bloggers who blog on less controversial issues such as entertainment, personal life etc.


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