The State of Blogging and the Malaysian Multicultural Society

It has been quite a while since I last update the Multicultural? section.

I have a good excuse – I have been caught up with the situation facing Malaysian bloggers. I have to admit that I am quite interested in writing about Malaysian bloggers since they are more colorful in their speech – especially when some of them regularly of conducting hate speeches. Ok, some readers may disagree with what I mean by hate speech – but nevertheless my definition of hate speech is adapted from the common meaning of hate speech. I am also aware that many bloggers would say that their hate speech is in fact an expression of the freedom of expression.

What is interesting about the Malaysian bloggers is the spill-over of the real world ethnie identities into the internet. So the non-Malays (and non Muslims) bloggers will bash the Malays by denigrating the Malays for being Malays and Muslims. The Malays and the rest of the Muslim population then react to this hate speeches in kind.
On top of that many of hate speech bloggers seem to be political. What I mean by political is that they are constantly criticizing the government only because they hate the government. This situation is made worse as the Malaysian government is dominated by UMNO (United Malay National Organization) which is a Malay based party. So when these bloggers are criticizing the government, they are also seen to be criticizing the Malays in general. To tell the truth I don’t know if this happens because the bloggers are sloppy or not careful in their language – or – if these bloggers intentionally do so.

But whatever it is, we have an unenviable situation where ethnie identities are dominant in many of these internet discourse. This I think is a feature of the multicultural society in Malaysia.

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