Free Speech and Hate Speech

In an e-mail (and also from some of the comments in an earlier entry) I was told (directly/indirectly) that I cannot be the judge to decide what constitute hate speech.

I find such statement amusing. This is because such a statement is in contradiction with the cherished ideals that many of the bloggers (especially those who write about politics and society) cherish.

So if I can’t say something about other bloggers what does this tell about those bloggers who cry and shout about the freedom of speech and expression . Does this inability to say that such and such blogger is conducting or encouraging hate speech is a hindrance to my right of free speech?

If some one were to say such things to me again – I would say to him or her: Hey – free speech is a double edge sword……

I also like to say this: Hey bloggers (and cyber identities) – why don’t you make an effort to learn about the true meaning of the freedom of speech and expression…..

If you don’t or refuse to do that… then… you…. as bloggers (and other cyber-identities) are stupid….

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