Risks of Blogging – Blogging is Like Clothes and Dress that People Wear

I have mentioned elsewhere that blogging carries a certain amount of risk. In this entry I would like to make an anology: Blogging is like wearing clothes:

One might say that blogging is like wearing a certain kind of clothes or apparel. Wearing certain kind of clothes would be riskier than others.

This woman is taking a risk in wearing such clothes…….

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Reshma – source – http://www.telugustyle.com/

Certain kind of clothes or dress or even certain way of wearing those clothes/dress may expose the wearer more….

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Reshma – source – http://www.telugustyle.com/

Now, some have said that bloggers represent only themselves.

After all, blogs are personal diaries. If the bloggers hate some one, or some ethnic group or religion, then that is their business. Other people have no right to interfere in the bloggers’ entries. Bloggers can write whatever they wish in their blogs.

The problem with this reasoning is that: this so called personal diaries – by the virtue of them being accessible to anyone in the internet to read…. are not personal anymore.

A blog is part and parcel of public domain.

In other words, blogs are personal diaries that have become public – because other people can read those personal entries.

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Reshma – source – http://www.telugustyle.com/

So blogs are like clothes that people wear.

Yes – blogs are private.  But, once these private entries have been published – they are not private anymore.

Like the clothes – one may choose what kind of apparel that one wishes to wear….  that is their business…. But because (or if) other people can see what one chooses to wear, how they wear etc, the choice of clothing and dress can become a public issue.

I will return to this issue in future entries.

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