Contact Details and Communications Policy

I think it is now high time for me to explicitly describe how I would communicate to the commenters and those who e-mail me. I have somewhat deal with this issue in one older entry. However, I would like to better articulate about this issue further. And this will be the subject of this entry:

Contact Details
Readers are invited to give comments about the contents of this blog. There are two ways in which readers can air their views.

The first method is by writing in the comments section in each of the entry.

The second method is via e-mail:

Communications Policy
Basically all comments in the comment section are considered public material. All communications done via e-mail will be considered as private communication. The rational of my communications policy is partly explained in this blog entry.

I will keep all e-mails to me as private and confidential. The identity of e-mail senders will not be made public in this blog. However, some “interesting” contents may be mentioned in the blog; (this will be done in a manner that will not reveal the identity of the sender). Nevertheless, if the sender makes specific instructions, such that all of their e-mail correspondent(s) are to be considered strictly private and confidential, then such e-mail correspondent(s) will remain private and their contents will not be explicitly mentioned in the blog.

There are two very important caveats. The first is that I have a right to reply or not reply all comments and e-mails. The second is: The promises of e-mail confidentiality are subject to the prevailing laws in the place I am currently domiciled in. In this case the relevant laws are state and federal laws that in force in Australia.


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