27 million meanings of Merdeka

I suppose I have to say some thing about the previous entry.

So I have written a prose titled Apakah erti kemerdekaan? The words in the prose indicate what I think are the main issues facing Malaysian society today. Among them is this core question on the very concept/definition on the word ‘merdeka’ itself. Merdeka obviously mean freedom. But to whom (or to what) this concept of freedom is bestowed upon? And who determines the meaning(s) of the word merdeka?

There are other issues that are illuminated in the prose. I will not elaborate it, but I think readers may detect them.

Of course, the language used is such that it is not specific, after all these words may be or suppose to read as a prose or poem. Words in prose and poems are usually made in such a way to evoke the possibility of multiple meanings and interpretations. In some cases writers may write in such a way as to limit the number of possible meanings, whilst others write in such a way that a wide ranging of different meanings can be imputed.

As for me, I am writing in my own way as I don’t want to get into trouble by being too specific and too explicit in my words like what had happened to this poor bloke.

And, of course, I understand the official line on this year’s Merdeka celebrations. I will not elaborate on that as that was done (by the volumes) within the mainstream media. Nevertheless, sometimes I think that the media does not and cannot reflect the true feelings on ordinary people. I don’t blame them (the media). After all, in the truest sense, the spirit of Merdeka should belong to each and every citizen of Malaysia, whether they reside in Malaysia or outside of Malaysia. Just imagine 27 million different and unique voices and interpretations of Merdeka. No media, however official, great or renowned can capture the true spirit of Merdeka which reside in each and every one of us.

But the 27 million meanings of Merdeka can only happen if each of us is willing to search and discover by ourselves what does Merdeka means. It will not happen if the majority let others decide what Merdeka stands for.

Perhaps if every one of us Malaysians think about Merdeka, (and for once don’t refer at the what newspapers, radio and TV says about Merdeka, or even refer to famous bloggers such as Jeff Ooi, Rocky’s Bru etc, etc), there will be 27 million meanings and interpretations of Merdeka.

Imagine what will happen if that is the case…

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