Some examples of different meanings of Merdeka

Here are some examples of how there can be different meanings of Merdeka.

Here is what Merdeka means according to The Reader

Apakah itu sebenarnya kemerdekaan?Adakah diri kita merdeka selepas kita menghalau penjajah dari tanah air kita? Jika selaku insan kita tidak mengenal dan mengerti maknanya,amat sukar bagi kita untuk menjadi insan yang merdeka.Kemerdekaan insan adalah amat pokok dan unit asas untuk sesuatu bangsa hidup sebagai bangsa merdeka.Jangan kita kaya,tetapi pada hakikatnya kita hamba di negara sendiri. Pada pengertian saya,insan merdeka adalah mereka yang bebas dari tuntunan hawa nafsu dan hanya tunduk kepada fitrah dan hukum Allah.Negara kita boleh merdeka 100 tahun,tetapi jika fikiran dan jiwa kita masih dijajah,kita belum lagi menjadi insan yang merdeka. Bukan merdeka untuk bertindak mengikut nafsu dan perasaan, tetapi merdeka untuk bertindak berasaskan ilmu dan panduan wahyu dari Allah swt.Negara yang sebenar-benarnya merdeka dan berdaulat wajib mempunyai insan merdeka.

And here is what Merdeka means to nikazmi

Jika dahulu memikirkan acara merdeka ke 50, saya fikir akan wujud rasa ‘feel-good’ yang lebih tinggi. Tentu cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang. Tetapi disebalik pesta-pesta meriah, Jalur Gemilang yang berkibaran di bangunan-bangunan dan media massa yang cuba meniupkan semangat kemerdekaan, saya tak merasakan wujud perasaan benar-benar bangga tentang kemerdekaan kita ini di kalangan rakyat biasa. Jalur gemilang di kereta-kereta juga tidak banyak, tak sebanyak pertengahan 1990an dahulu.

And here is what Merdeka means to Ah Bong:

Perhaps it was just the political will at that time or perhaps it had foreseen terrorist troubles and the teeming communist threat made Malaya less of a plum at that time. Anyway, independence was given to Malaya and the lead character at that time Tunku Abdul Rahman. I am no historian so if anything is factually inaccurate please correct me.

I still remember my dad telling me his Ang Moh Kau boss ( read British ) ordered him to clear the pavement in front of the company of hawkers. He was cursed, his bicycle tyres punctured, he was hated and physically threatened. I still remember the words as if it was only yesterday, ” clear this +)*^()_+( native human garbage from in front of our premises ”
The same ang moh kau boss said good morning, how do you do and smiled to them and asked why they were no longer trading there and promised to talk to the bad man ( read my dad ).

Now, we have no one else to blame but ourselves. Half a century is a long time. Looking at it objectively, it has not been too bad. The people have prospered, living standards have risen and the people are better qualified. We are at the forefront when it comes to the latest technological aids and toys.

But in other aspects, time has stood still. Garbage seems to be everywhere. Many people still do not like to queue. The spectre of racial violence is still continually held as a sword over the destiny of the nation fuelled by the ruling parties of the nation. They propagate the colonial masters’ divide and rule policy.

Corruption if we read the newspapers is almost non-existent but most citizens accepts it as a necessary evil of living in this land. Raise any question or voice out any opinion and be considered a national traitor.

Religion and intolerance continues to be a disturbing factor for the nation’s future. Medical care is readily available to the nation’s poorest and for the rich there are always the private medical centres if they expect better service.

Indeed, Ah Bong says a lot of things about what he feels about Merdeka.

So that’s it. See the difference(s)?


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