The Digital Divide

I have to admit that the issue of digital divide escaped my attention when discussing the situation faced by Malaysian bloggers.

This issue actually came about when one of my mates, one of the very few who know my real life identity told me that it is very frustrating to access my blog.

At first I wondered if my entries have offended her sensibilities. After all, she is a declared feminist who frequently argued about the exploitation of women in the media. She bluntly said that the Indian film industry is blatantly exploiting women and that anyone who watches Bollywood or Tollywood, Kollywood or any other such movies are contributing to this exploitation. I always know that she frown my postings of the young, pretty and sexy women in my blog. So, in the first instance I ask if she is offended by the pictures of women which I took from the Indian entertainment sites.

It turns out that such an issue is secondary. She was actually offended that it took her so long to wait for her dial-up internet to completely download my blog entries.

Yes, I actually went to her apartment where she has her computer and internet. So then we started to download this blog. Then all of a sudden she lit up a cigarette, inhales the fumes and puffs the smoke to me. And she kept doing that. I told her to stop as I don’t smoke and I don’t like to inhale some one else’s smoke.

And she told me: You blog pisses me off. It is so slow with my dial-up internet!

This story is true in Australia. Not all who have internet connection have broadband.

What about in Malaysia – what is the level of internet penetration over there? How many have broadband?

Let’s do an experiment – How long does it take to download this page?

And how long does it take to download this one?

The digital divide is very evident today – the 31st August of the year 2007

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