What Do I Do on the 31st August?

Not much! The 31st of August is just another ordinary day. However, today is a not so ordinary day in Sydney because of the lead up to APEC Summit. Because of this conference, Sydney has become a sort of a militarized zone – with police and other security personnel all geared up to guard the VIPs who will descend this beautiful city to discuss matters relating to economics and even security within the Asia Pacific region.

So, not much incentive to go out to the CBD(Central Business District) by car as there will be delays and ‘obstructions’ – or perhaps security detail is the appropriate word. I also hear that there are changes and modifications to train and bus schedules. Have to confirm these though. And these delays are suppose to get worse when the conference starts, which will be very soon.

Actually, I can walk to the CBD from my home. The normal Malaysian men style walking pace (for fit blokes) will bring you to the edge of CBD in about one hour plus or minus 10 minutes (which is due to waiting for traffic lights at the junctions). Add another 30 to 40 minutes and you’ll be at the Opera House. But I am a bit unconformable to see congregations of uniformed police and security personnel. I don’t know why.

Therefore, I will spend most of the day here at home. Of course, I will be visiting some Malaysian friends at night. These friends don’t live in the inner city or close to CBD, so there should not be any problems visiting them.


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