Women and Automobile Carbon Emission

I think I have to explain a bit about what I mean by Malaysian men, a term I use in the previous post. Actually I am trying to differentiate between Malaysian men and women.

Many, if not most men don’t mind to walk a long distance. But for women, (with only few exceptions), this is not the case.

I am afraid that Malaysian women may have trouble walking this long, except if there are fit, healthy and have a good sense of humor and not afraid of breaking sweat (Sydney is getting warmer now). Usually women, especially the fatter, plumpier (not fit), middle aged and older ones will get grumpy when there are tired of walking this far. And such women get tired more easily than men.

Talking about Malaysian women, this gives me some ideas of a future blogging topic. I may blog about the attitude of Malaysian women whom I believe are contributing to environmental problems. From my observations Malaysian women with their attitude of not liking to break sweat (which is ironic if you are in a tropical country), tend to use automobiles even when traveling in short distances.

If women tend to use cars even in short distances compared to men, then ceteris paribus, one can argue that women are contributing more to environmental problems than men.


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