Some Bloggers’ War on Malaysian Govt

So, some bloggers have declared war on Malaysian government. This declaration comes in many form. I have discuss one of them in this entry. I think it would be appropriate to reproduce it here again:

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I took this image from the blog Kickdefella. Specifically I took this image because of this phrase:

No man No Law No War Can Stop Him

A visitor has given this poignant comment:

Seriously, can you see that Kickdefella images are meant to be taken as humour?

At first, I want to dismiss this comment, I was thinking that such a comment is just a mere excuse to escape the responsibility that comes part and parcel from the exercise of the freedom of expression.

But upon knowing the Chaser incident, I began to think…..

That bloggers too are pranksters.

So Kickdefella is a pranskter…

And Jeff Ooi is also a prankster too…

And what about Namewee. Is he a prankster? Or is he a hero? See this entry –Re: Namewee releasing new album –  by jjme for some debates.

And so are the numerous bloggers who are waging a war against the Malaysian government….

Is that so?

All these bloggers are just pain in the arse pranskters?


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