The Chaser’s War on APEC

I suppose not many Malaysians watch The Chaser’s War on Everything. Chaser is one of the most outrageous satirical show Down Under. Their aim is to … well…make war on everything….

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Chaser’s advert in Alwat Al-Rasheed, Iraq. This picture was taken from Chaser’s billboards from its site in the ABC TVThe Chaser’s War on Everything.

Yesterday, the cast of Chaser was arrested, among other things, due to:

“…driving a fake motorcade of three cars into Sydney’s APEC restricted security zone.”

The AgeChaser pranksters ‘could have been shot’

So Chaser has been dubbed as pranksters.

So that was in Australia. I’ve just remembered something.

…. Something…..

.. Hey! ….

In a way bloggers could also be pranksters…..


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