Blogging about Politics can be Boring

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Admittedly, to certain extent, politics in Malaysia is interesting for the common man such as myself. But if gets too deep, I will be bored. This boredom comes from my inability to do anything about it.

From time to time, I browse websites and blogs that discuss Malaysian society and politics, and I read the comment sections. I have to say that sometimes I get so sick and tired reading those comments. In many cases I sense that a lot of the comments are widely off the mark to the message(s) that the blogger is trying to communicate. Now, one cannot blame only the commenters, as sometimes the blogger is not very clear in articulating his or her message. I also sense that in the final analysis these bloggers also realize that as individual bloggers or as a relatively small group, unorganized and divisive collection of bloggers, they can’t do much. This sense of hopelessness is evident despite the brave face that many bloggers (who dedicate themselves to blogging about politics) usually put.

So I get sick and tired reading the blogs, websites and the comments in those blogs as I think there is not much people can do to change the situation.

I also get sick and tired reading these blogs, as I believe that these websites and blogs just don’t understand about the situation, and I say this even to those bloggers and website writers who are residing in Malaysia. Perhaps some may say that this remark is odd. But, I am making this remark as a person who has read a lot about Malaysian contemporary history and I am quite well versed in the ‘academic’ aspects of Malaysian politics and government.

And not surprisingly, I feel that I will get sick if I blog about politics and society.


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