Malaysianists: Non Malaysians and their interests in Malaysia (1)

There are many of the so-called Malaysianists i.e. those non-Malaysians who write about Malaysia and many of them publish their works in academic journals. To be a Malaysianist at the academic level, the non-Malaysian must have Malaysia as one of their core expertise (as an area study) – this is because there are writers who don’t really know about Malaysia and have their works published. There are also Malaysianists in the non-academic areas. These Malaysianists are those who “fall in love” with Malaysia. Many also fall in love with Malaysians.

So the main point in this regard is that: In many instances, I find in these Malaysianists a better and balanced analysis of the social, political and governmental issues compared to many bloggers. Having said that, I will say that I don’t agree with everything that these Malaysianists suggest. Nevertheless, because of their good analysis, their suggestions are worth to be seriously considered. There are a lot of Malaysianists around here in Australia, especially at the universities. I know (have met) a few. Some are grumpy old fellows, but some are very pleasant*. Like the bloggers who are interested in Malaysian society and politics, they do have some ideas on how Malaysia should be run. However, unlike many of the Malaysian bloggers, many Malaysianists don’t get emotional or agitated. I think this is mainly because they are not Malaysians and so they remain as ‘neutral’ observers, albeit they do have a lot of interest in Malaysia


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