Decadent Entertainment – One form which society cannot stop

In today’s confusing time of moral purity and increasing conservatism in society (despite the many contradictions), even entertaining one self can become a moral issue.

So, it is not surprising that many explicit forms of entertainment may be banned or at best labeled as being immoral. If that form of entertainment is banned – then people can’t participate or get involved in it. If that form of entertainment is labeled as immoral, it will be hoped that the negative connotation will discourage people from engaging in it.

There is however one form of entertainment which may escape the tyranny of society – fantasies!

Perhaps it is better said as “there is one a form of entertainment escapes the tyranny of those who claim to be the moral guardians of society”. Yes, the cages in society are not designed by nature, they are built by those who control society.

As has been said, this form of entertainment which escapes the tyranny of society, is fantasy. Fantasy in the context of this entry is defined as the mental constructs of humans that occur within their brains.

However, in contemporary society, fantasies are usually seen negatively. Remember this phrase or story – Angan-Angan Mat Jenin. This story denotes how Malay society view fantasies as a waste of time. This aversion to fantasies is not exclusive to Malays. There are also sayings that abhor fantasies in other cultures as well. Yes, I remember this Christian saying: an idle hand is the hand of the devil. These aversions show how much societies don’t like their members to use the full capacity of their brains.


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