Garam Masala – Decadent Entertainment

There is another meaning to Garam Masala. This term also denotes a type of decadent entertainment.

Many of us like to spice their foods and even more importantly we love to spice up usually mundane and in some instances dour lives. And hence the term Garam Masala comes into being.

However, in many instances, the way we do it (spice up our lives) are frowned upon by those who consider themselves morally upright. Of course it could be worse; these morally upright people might lobby for the prohibition of the so-called decadent entertainment. Perhaps readers are familiar with this issue with what had happened to Gwen Stefani.

The issue of surrounding the actions of these morally upright people who lobby for the prohibition of the so-called decadent entertainment is rather complex. I will visit and re-visit this issue from time to time.


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