Garam Masala – The Hot Indian Spice

Have any of you wondered how garam masala tastes?

Here is a recipe to prepare garam masala which is taken from a book titled: Shiva’s Pigeons by Jon and Rumer Godden.

First, the ingredients:
1 cup coriander seeds
½ cup cumin seeds
½ cup large cardamom seeds
¼ cup cinnamon
¼ cup cloves
½ cup peppercorns
1 tea spoon powdered nutmeg

The recipe is quite simple: roast the coriander and cumin seeds separately. Peel the cardamom seeds. Grind all the spices in a mortar or on a grinding stone, and there you have it: garam masala.

It must be noted, like in any food recipes, there are countless variations that depend on geographic location, ethnicity (in India there are so many ethnic groups!) and individual tastes.

Garam means hot. Of course one must not confuse it with the Malay/Indonesian term ‘garam’ which means salt. In the context of this entry: garam means spicy. Yes garam masala is very spicy.


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