Malaysians who “love” other countries

In the previous entry, I briefly discuss non-Malaysians who take great interest in Malaysia. These people are called Malaysianists.

The reverse can and do happen. There are instances in which Malaysians take great interests in other countries.

However, the nature of this interest is different than the case of Malaysianists. In the case of non-Malaysian Malaysianists, the interests range from academic to pure liking or love. However, in the case of Malaysians who take great interests in other countries the interests can be from aspirational to emulatitative. By aspirational: I mean to be one of them. Those who profess aspirational interests often argue that Malaysia should be like country X (country X being the object of their love). By emulatitative: I mean to emulate as much as possible the characteristics of the people (or certain peoples) of that country or regions which the Malaysians take interest upon. The emulatitative often acquire characteristics attributable to the people of their favorite country.

I would also say that for Malaysians, there is some kind of inferiority complex when they say that they take interests or exhibit their love for other countries. This inferiority complex is understandable as Malaysia is a lesser developed country vis a vis many of the foreign countries which those Malaysians expressed their “love” upon. Hence many of these lovers these other countries put their love object on a pedestal high up towards the sky.

Now, I am not writing this entry to criticize these people. The main aim of writing is to serve as a lead up to a future entry where I would write why there aren’t many Malaysians who seriously study other countries social and economic systems. This is not to say that in many universities in Malaysia, there aren’t faculties or institutes which dedicate themselves to area studies. Some Malaysian universities have departments or institutes bearing the name Southeast Asian or East Asian Studies. I think one Malaysian university has a European Institute (its actual name may be a bit different; I have to confirm this). These departments or institutes sometimes “import” foreign research fellows. However, it turns out that in many instances these foreign academics are more interested in studying Malaysia. In other words these arrangements are a boon to non-Malaysian Malaysianists. But no Malaysians seem to be conducting systematic studies on European, American, East Asian or for that matter Middle Eastern regions.

So that is the eventual aim of these series of entries. But for now, I will blog about Malaysians who “love” other countries.

Today I will illustrate two kinds of Malaysians who “love” other countries in these entries:
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