Singapore Lovers

I don’t have a term for those Malaysians who love Singapore. So I have to use a rather crude term – Singapore Lovers.

From my un-empirical observations, this kind of people is quite prevalent today, especially among non-Malays. The Singapore Lovers would like Malaysia to adopt Singapore’s social and economic policy. There are many Singapore Lovers in the Malaysian internet and blogging scene.

It is not so clear whether this love is pure or just a form of protest. I would like to think that the Singapore Lovers love for Singapore is just a protest. I don’t think that those who express their love for Singapore, especially the bloggers would love living in a much more authoritarian regime. Singapore’s record on democracy is exponentially so much worse than in Malaysia.

Or perhaps it may be true that “love blinds lovers to reality”. If this is the case, then those Singapore Lovers should soberly learn about how Singapore treats its opposition politicians.

Nevertheless, the Singapore Lovers might have a valid point in stating their love for Singapore. At least in terms of education, Singapore universities are at the top compared their to Malaysian counterparts. And also, in relation to the Malaysianists – there is the ISEAS (Institute of South East Asian Studies) which is located in the NUS (National University of Singapore). Education Malaysia blog has a bit of a story about this -see: Of Meritocracy & Top Universities… . However, I think the foreign academicians who are located at ISEAS may find studying Singapore society and government in Singapore a hazard – I wonder if Tony P know this story about one American academician who got into trouble with the Singapore government once upon a time ago.  Actually I think that there is a number of foreign academician who got into some kind of problem whilst they were in ISEAS. Singapore government don’t like to be criticized it seems.


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