The Superficialness of Malaysians who love other countries

This entry is a continuation of the previous entries on Malaysians who love other countries.

In those entries I focus on several aspects of this issue esp. Anglophiles and Singapore Lovers. It has to be noted that there are instances in which Malaysians take great interests in other countries. And these are not restricted to those Anglophiles and Singapore Lovers.

However, in my opinion: there are not many of such people who truly understand their “objects of love”. Not many Malaysians show genuine interest in other countries.

In the case of Singapore Lover, I had the chance to talk to some of them. One of them was rather boasting about the superiority of the Singapore system vis a vis other South East Asian countries. So I ask them – what do you know about the governmental system in Singapore. Unfortunately his answer was not satisfactory – especially when I ask him why should the ‘no opposition’ system be workable (can be implemented) in other countries. (He was boasting that the Singaporean executive lead and executive centric government “get things going” vis a vis a more democratic Philippines.

So much about the Singapore Lover…..

I take two other examples: Australia and New Zealand. In Australia there are many Malaysian students. If you count the numbers from past years – the total number of students who had studied in Australia will be huge. But we never hear much of Australia-phile or Australian Lovers in Malaysia.

In New Zealand too, there are many Malaysian students who pursue tertiary studies past and present. And like the situation in Australia, we never hear much of New Zealand-phile or New Zealand Lovers in Malaysia.

I wonder – why?


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