What Was Supposed to be a Burma Update

Actually, in the first instance, I want to update on the situation in Burma. However, after considering the fluidity of the situation, I feel that the best course of action is not to say anything. I believe that what I’ve said in the previous two posts on Burma is still largely valid. The only thing I want to add is that the pro-democracy demonstrators have been “beaten” by the military junta. This possibility has been discussed before in this entry. Such a thing will be “tragic” for all of us who dearly believe that the way forward for Burma, and indeed for the whole South East Asian region is for further democracy and for the strengthening of democratic institutions.

At this stage, I would like to reiterate my emphasis on the need of Malaysians to understand the situation in Burma. I understand that they are some Malaysian bloggers who write about the situation in Burma. In my opinion, the numbers are very small.

Sometimes I wonder: Are the majority of bloggers in Malaysia not too interested in Burma?

In this instance, I would say that Malaysians should try to develop a feeling of genuine love towards the Burmese, their multiethnic culture and their history. 


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