Should An Ideal Woman Be a Slave to a Man?

This post is related to the previous entry.

I have used a term (see the previous entry for a discussion) to describe what I think is an ideal woman.

As a consequence to that discussion – there is this issue: should an ideal woman be regarded as a slave to a man?

Imagine this – an ideal woman dedicates her existence to the man she loves. She puts her man above herself. Basically, in the scheme of things, her man is regarded as second to God.

She will do whatever her man asks her to do. And she will go beyond that. She will care for her man; she will be there for him. And more importantly her presence will please her man. And she will do everything to please her man.

And as such, the so called ideal woman is a slave! An ideal woman is a slave to the man that she is attached to.


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