Burma: This Must Not Happen…


Note – There was a photo here – But was taken off. In consideration of coalville’s (or the cyberidentity claiming to be coalville) request.

This is done despite the small notice saying that this particular flickr photo is public.

I would speculate two possibilities. The first is that the requester don’t really understand what is really meant that such a photo is public. This may obviously happen if the requester’s English is not so good. The second is that the requester is a masquerador, or impostor. So the requestor might be not be the real Coalville. In other words: a cyber-identity claiming to be coalville.

Coalville (or the cyberidentity claiming to be coalville) has also posted some comments in several parts of this blog. Upon due consideration, those comments are deemed malicious because it contains threats or allusions to threats. As such those comments are deleted.

I have taken the picture out. But I will maintain this post as it is. If Coalville (or the cyberidentity claiming to be coalville) is not satisfied with my actions, then I advise coalville (or the cyberidentity claiming to be coalville) to read the Caveat Section.

Also I have this message to coalville (or the cyberidentity claiming to be coalville) – are you really French? It seems that you don’t have the spirit in which your countrymen are proud of. Where is your Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité spirit. Those spirit is certainly not evident in your comments which I have deleted.

Are you really French, as indicated in your profile description?

Sont vous vraiment une femme française?

Mon cher ami, Vous n’êtes pas une personne française réelle

Mais quels que soit il est, Je suis désolé si j’ai violé votre vie privée. Mais je ne peux pas m’arrêter pour penser…Ne sont pas la démocratie sont des différences à l’opinion Mais quand même, je crois que vous ne comprenez pas juste pourquoi ce poste a été fait. Vous êtes juste sur le fait de réagir. ________________________________________________________________________________

So what is now happening in Burma?Have bloggers in PPS forgotten about their plight?Oh what a pity!This picture is taken from coalvillestation’s photostream titled: FREE BURMA! BIRMANIA LIBERA. I suppose readers should understand the obvious message imprinted on that photo.The photographer and author obviously wants us to join the flickr group – BURMA FREE – Birmania Libera.

But sometimes I wonder what effects do joining such an internet group will have on the actual welfare of the oppressed peoples of Burma.

This photo was posted on May 25, 2007. I would guess that at that time the author’s spirit about the Burmese protest movement was high (in fact I would say very high). I wonder how would coalvillestation feel about the current situation in Burma…as of today – 9th of November 2007.

I wonder….

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