Pakistani People’s Fight for Democracy

Picture Credits: Democracy Dawns Here Comes Benazir! by *abro*

Some people say that Democracy and Human Rights are universal concepts. I sometimes would like to believe that those concepts are indeed universal. Unfortunately at this stage I have serious doubts.

For one thing, look at what happened to how bloggers in Malaysia deal with the situation in Burma. At first I saw some blogs about Burma, but as time goes by, there are less and less; and now I don’t see any.

So, Democracy and Human Rights are universal. Currently the people of Pakistan are also fighting democracy, freedom, justice and human rights…just like their Burmese cousins.

I wonder if there are bloggers in the PPS who are interested in the plight of the Pakistani people.

I suppose Democracy and Human Rights are two concepts that are taken for granted by many people…

…Until such a situation arises… in which people have to actually demand and fight for democracy and human rights….


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