What Can We Learn from Australian Democracy?

Last time I blog about Malaysians who “love” other countries. I blog about the danger of loving Singapore too much, as that country is not democracy-friendly. I also blog about the lack of visibility about those who love other countries – especially Australia.

I say that ..”If you count the numbers from past years – the total number of students who had studied in Australia will be huge. But we never hear much of Australia-phile or Australian Lovers in Malaysia…”

There are thousands and thousands of Malaysian students currentlly studying in Australia. Perhaps they should study how democracy works in Australia. Perhaps by doing so we Malaysians can improve our democracy back home. I think this suggestion is relevant for the Malaysians currently studying there, especially after recent events in Malaysia. ( See this BBC newspiece – Malaysia police break up protest. ) Just imagine these thousands of students, if they can study Australian democracy, and then pick and choose those suitable elements that are then implemented back in Malaysia. Well, these students because of their large numbers, are potentially – agents of change.

So, how many Malaysian students in Australia are interested in Australian politics? This year is an election year in Australia.

These two pictures may tell the story…..

I got this one from guntha’s photostream in flickr:

Picture Credits: guntha’s photostream


I got this from yogomozilla’s photostream, also from flickr:

Picture Credits: yogomozilla’s photostream

So….my dear fellow Malaysians, what can we learn from Australian democracy?

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