A Passion For…

And so I was thinking about Democracy…

Sometimes, I think: the idealism democracy activists hold cannot be rationally explained. By rational I mean is by the definition of rational in the economistic sense. This definition of ‘rational’ is based upon Adam Smith’s concept of ‘self-interest’. I would say that Adam Smith is rather vague on what he really means by ‘self-interest’. And unfortunately economists have reduced this concept further – to that of opportunity costs…

But in reality, self interest goes back to the self… to the person…man or woman…

One aspect that drives self interest is passion. So how do you define passion. What is passion?

According to the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary – passion means ardent affection; love; a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept; sexual desire; an object of desire or deep interest.

See this page for the full Merriam-Webster’s definition of passion.

And so passion means something that cannot be rationally explained… as meaning of passion is defined by the person or the individual or self. No one else can define, dictate or direct our own passion. Passion has to come from our-selves.

Well, I was browsing the internet, and I think I found some pictures that fit the definition of passion. These pictures are taken from the Ninna Nedu Repu photo gallery, courtesy of Ragalahari:

Ninna Nedu Repu (1)

Ninna Nedu Repu

Ninna Nedu Repu (3)

Ninna Nedu Repu (4)

Ninna Nedu Repu (5)

Ninna Nedu Repu (6)

Picture Credits: All pictures taken from Ninna Nedu Repu  (featuring Ravikrishna, Akshara, Tamanna, Soumya) from Ragalahari.

I have shown 6 pictures that illustrates what is meant by passion. Passion drives self-interest… and passion cannot be explained rationally….. passion makes you do the “extra mile” that you will never do if you are rational…

And so…what does this mean to those who are passionate about Democracy?

I am still pondering about it….


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