An Inferior Education System?

How do different higher education systems compare? Can we say that the U.S. higher education system is superior to the Australian higher education system? How does the Australian higher education system compare with the UK higher education system or any other higher education systems? Also can we say that the Malaysian higher education system is inferior to the Australian, UK or the American ones?

I’ve been following the debate on the quality of Australian higher education system in Education in Malaysia blog. I’m also aware of the longstanding debates on the performance of our own (i.e. Malaysian) education system. I am aware many say bad things about Malaysian universities, their lecturers and their researchers. For example this one blogger says that a Malaysian researcher is conducting a “Mickey Mouse” research. And perhaps sadly, even this blog – Education Malaysia contains elements of mud-slinging and hate speech. See this post for the background on hate speech.

As such, I have to say that at first I dismissed these debates as rubbish, unnecessary and never-endingly divisive.

I don’t want to be involved in a sort of internet shouting match as what is happening. Personally I would say that some of those postings and comments contain elements of hate speech. And I will not go down so low as to be involved in a shouting match that contains personal criticisms and ad-hominem.

I would like to stress again that I only offer a fresh outlook on this debate.

Hopefully this post and the related posts may help Kian Ming in thinking more about the relative performance of different education systems. But more importantly, In my opinion, this post and the posts below are relevant to the often emotional and expletive debates on the performance of the Malaysian higher education system, which I believe is also a great interest of the Education Malaysia and many other blogs that I come across in the internet.

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