How Do You Evaluate the Performance of an Education System?

This entry is related to the previous entry. This entry is intentionally made shorter than it is. Even then I think that this entry is too long for a blog. But then I think that this entry is necessary to prove my point:

And my point is – it is very difficult to estimate how good or bad an education system performs.

Education system is not like private companies operating in a free market economy. In a free market capitalist system, the performance of a company is measured by profitability. For bigger companies – and especially if it is listed in the stock exchange – performance can be measured by indicators of shareholder value, like the price of the company’s stock etc.

But how do you measure the performance of a university, a college or even schools? I understand that some people are caught up in the so called privatisation scheme. In this regard universities, colleges, schools and other components of the education system should be measured like a company. A more sophisticated thinking in this line divides some component of the education system into cost centres and revenue centres. And then the idea is that policy makers (in the Education Ministry) should maximize revenues and minimize costs. Another version is that the education system must be made subordinate to the whims and fancies of the economy. Nowadays this is taken to mean that the education system must satisfy the so called global economy.

But then…Does the Malaysian education system need to be subordinated to the global economy?


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