The Travails of Democracy

It is very unfortunate that in reality, democracy is actually a means to an end. It is very rare that those in power really care about democracy.

And in today’s world, many powerful countries use democracy as a means to extend their influence. In other words – democracy or the debates about it are used as a tool in diplomacy…all in the name of enhancing national interest.

Take a look at these pictures which I took from flickr. These pictures say many things about the problem that democracy activist are now facing.

This picture is taken from GLOBALzebra’s photostream

L.A. Protest Women
Picture Credits: L.A. Protest Women by GLOBALzebra

Perhaps readers may care to read the caption under the picture. Those who understand Pakistani history would totally agree with the author’s caption: Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul-Haq, Musharraf are all U.S. allies. These people (except for Musharraf) had been the leaders of Pakistan.  It is very ironic isn’t it… to have the strongest democracy in the world supporting military dictators…?

The next picture is taken from WowtheWorld’s photostream

Burma demo outside Chinese Embassy
Picture Credits: Burma demo outside Chinese Embassy by WowtheWorld

If the reader looks closely, there is a banner saying: China’s Gain – Burma’s Pain. Also, the author has written in the caption saying that China is the source of all evil…and that Burma’s problems are also caused by China…

Of course!  China is an emerging super-power.

Well, with these two countries running their foreign policies as they are (i.e. to enhance their national interests), democracy is just another slogan….

What a pity! … To those who dearly uphold Democracy!

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