Attitudes Not Helpful to Democracy

We should dispense with academic elitism and things like “I know better than you”, “you don’t enough to make intelligent remarks”, “your cause is not as important as ours” and the so called “I am holier than thou” attitude.

These attitudes are not helpful to Democracy. Unfortunately such attitudes are quite common for bloggers…who ironically have been called the vanguard for change. I think some one said this as it is believed that bloggers are those people who are at the forefront of society – by the virtue of them being online in the Internet.

Nevertheless the attitudes of some the bloggers do not represent what is claimed to be the representatives of the this virtual society which is often touted as the new global society.

I know one Malaysian blogger who seems to have the “holier than thou attitude”; he is Menj. I used to read his blog – Critical Thoughts. I wonder if he still holds that attitude. Such attitude is a contrary to the true essence of democracy. Anyway, I hope that the blogger does not feel slighted here. He is not alone at fault here. There are other bloggers in the PPS who don’t seem to grasp the idea of democracy. I have seen some “negative” reactions of some bloggers to the Hindraf rally recently. I read some bloggers saying that such a rally should no be held etc, etc. This is another example of those “I know better than you” , “your cause is not as important as ours”, and the general elitist attitude which are unhelpful to democracy. Unfortunately, I can’t remember their blogs, vis a vis the more famous Menj ]

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