Should I support Hindraf?

I was reading about Hindraf from materials I obtain from the internet on the 27th November. I am reading about Hindraf until now. Yes, I am aware of KTemoc’s post –Hindraf stabbed in back! – and Menj’s post –HINDRAF should be banned– and I also read other blog postings about Hindraf. I also read other websites that describe their opinions about Hindraf. Yes, some support Hindraf, and some don’t.

As for me, I am ambivalent about the whole issue. At this stage I am still on the fence. I can’t make up my mind. There are certain aspect of Hindraf’s cause that appeal to me. But there are other aspects which turns me off; there are certain aspects which make me question even about the validity of Hindraf’s existence (raison d’etre) itself. These includes the racial overtone of Hinfraf’s messages, which includes asking the world community to condemn Malaysia!

But for now, I will focus on some aspects.

There is something about Hindraf’s claims of being discriminated that fascinates my thoughts. You know what? – Hindraf represents Hindu Indians. And in India, the Hindu Indian society* is a highly stratified society with 4 major castes. Each caste and even sub-castes have a superior-subordinate relationship that exist from old times and up to today. These often discriminatory relationships persist despite efforts to eradicate the caste system. Perhaps some have watched movies (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc) that tells about the relationship between people of higher and lower castes. Some of these relationships can be violent – in movies and in real life.

Note –
* Actually it is not correct to say Indian society as to conjure an image of one society. In India there are many Hindu societies, delineated by geography and language boundaries.  And then there are the non-Hindu societies. India is a diverse highly multi-cultural country. But for the purposes of this blog, I use the word society in singular to simplify things

Perhaps this is a good time to re-post an old blog posting. See it here. If readers notice I have made some changes from the original version I made in June: The pictures are different. But the story is the same – It is ironic to hear Indians in India complaining about discrimination, be it in Malaysia or the UK or anywhere else when their compatriots and cousins discriminate amongst themselves in their own Bharat (motherland).

Also, I have taken an issue with regards to the usage of M. K. Gandhi’s pictures. Personally I think the protesters have misused Gandhi’s pictures. See this for post for more.

At this stage I have to say that my opinions are still developing and evolving (hence that explain my ambivalence). I suppose I would have a clearer opinion when all the dusts have settled. I wonder when the dust will settle. Certainly not tonight, tomorrow or in a few days (or even weeks?) time…

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