Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi and pictures of M. K. Gandhi

So, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has urged Indian prime minister to ‘ take immediate steps to “end the suffering” of Malaysian Tamils ‘. (Hindu Times).

That is the report of the Hindu Times on 28/11.

I wonder what can India do? Can India put pressure to the Malaysian government? How can such pressure or pressures be implemented?

[Well, I know that currently there are some trade negotiations between India and ASEAN. Perhaps India may put some pressures in that regard. Oh yes, I have read KTemoc’s post – Indian interference in Malaysia = Tamil Harimau?– I agree that the TN politicians are whipping up anti Malaysian sentiment. However, I will say that India can’t do anything besides sending a diplomatic note. Of course I may be wrong; but then again, the diplomatic world is so different than the hurly-burly of local politics (in India or in Malaysia) and the language used by the diplomatic community is extremely polite and courteous.]* See note*

Also, and more interestingly, The Hindu Times also mentioned that the protesters carry M. K. Gandhi pictures:

Source – Hindraf Rally Pictures @ Malaysia Today

The news article puts it is in such a way that I can conjure images of thousands of protesters carrying M. K. Gandhi pictures.

It is obvious that M. K. Gandhi is a highly respected figure for Indians. Unfortunately I have to say that Hindraf is misusing Gandhi’s pictures. I strongly believe that M. K. Gandhi would be one of the last person to support a religious and ethnically based pressure group such as Hindraf.  Even if M. K. Gandhi supports Hindraf, he would be a very,very reluctant supporter.  And I dare say that M. K. Gandhi would ask Hindraf to change its name!

Don’t the Hindraf know how sad Gandhi was when India was partitioned? And don’t they know who murdered M. K. Gandhi?  And don’t they know that Gandhi represents all people – not just Hindus?

See Jeff Ooi’s post – Hindraf Rally… (Ethnic) Minority Report ( 8 ) for references to the Hindu Times.

* Historically, India although a potential regional power, is actually impotent. Its foreign policies (with regards to foreign interventions) have been costly and disastrous. I give several notable examples – Just look at India’s involvement in Sri Lanka. This intervention was very costly even up to the highest political echolon. Perhaps readers can remember that Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated by a Tamil woman. Also India did not do anything constructive when Burma discriminated and confiscated the properties of the ethnic Indians after its independence. Of course one success is duly noted – India carved Bangladesh out of East Pakistan. Even that too has not stopped the considerable miseries of the Bangaldeshi people – they are still ruled by corrupt politicians.

Also I note The Malaysian – India To Take Up Tamil Issue With Malaysia Via ‘Diplomatic Channels’ -. Of course the Tamil politicians will huff and puff and other politicians in India will seize the opportunity to show to the Indian public that they are helping their ‘overseas compatriots”. But in the end of the day – nothing much will happen. After all India has so many other problems.

On top of that Malaysia can also react diplomatically. One way for Malaysia to do that is to take up the way India (i.e. some of its state govts discriminatory practices towards certain section of its people) – in particular the Kashmir issue and other issues involving Muslim-Hindu relationships. Malaysia can also denounce India indirectly (or even directly) by publicly showing its support to Pakistan (though this method is risky given the current situation).

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