A Legacy of Colonialism – Racism & Damnation Whatever You Do

Another enduring legacy of colonialism is the division and polarization of society among ethnie lines. Basically, our old colonial masters have put us in a most unenviable position. This can be seen in what I will say the division of labor according to ethnie lines. On the one hand the colonialist elevated some ethnies into the position of middle-persons or comprador; on the other hand other ethnie groups have been put into the position of menial indentured labourers and some others found themselves cut off from the mainstream economy, in which subsistence farming is their way of life

Of course, when independence comes, the new ruling establishment tried to undo these colonial injustices. However, it is not easy to undo these injustices.

In fact it would not be easy for anyone to undo these injustices, as the so called anti dotes are simply not workable and can harm society.

If the govt take one action, there will be at least one ethnie group may feel left out, discriminated against or lose out.

And on top of all that it is difficult to favour everyone within the same ethnie group. Imagine an ethnic group of let say 14 -16 million. Can every one of the 14 million benefit? In many instances economic assistance may actually aggravate the situation, by creating a more social differentiation (based on socio-economic status) if the govt conducts what is known as a positive discrimination policy. In this instance, within that ‘favoured race’, things are not actually favourable; as there may be a sudden growth of wealth enjoyed by some, and for others, they can only enjoy a little bit of what is supposed to be their entitlement.

So there you go – it is very difficult to erase the social-ethnic inequality that the colonialists have bequeathed upon us.

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