A (Subtle) Example of Racial Polarization

I was reading this article in Wikipedia about Ketuanan Melayu.

What interests me is the bias inherent in that article. This article is biased as it gives unnecessarily credit to Lee Kuan Yew, Malaysia for Malaysian campaign. It seems to me that these pro Malaysia for Malaysian, Singapore lovers are suggesting the Malaysian government take the steps that had been suggested by Lee Kuan Yew in the 1960s.

I am amazed that there are people who are favourable towards Lee Kuan Yew and his anti-democratic policies. Although on the surface, the Malaysian for Malaysian campaign strived for equality, we all know that such a slogan is nothing but a big lie.

But despite this, the article made this statement:

During the 1960s, there was a substantial effort challenging ketuanan Melayu led by the People’s Action Party (PAP) of Singapore — which was a state in Malaysia from 1963 to 1965 — and the DAP after Singapore’s secession. However, the portions of the Constitution related to ketuanan Melayu were “entrenched” after the racial riots of May 13, 1969, which followed an election campaign focused on the issue of non-Malay rights and ketuanan Melayu. This period also saw the rise of “ultras” who advocated a one-party government led by UMNO, and an increased emphasis on the Malays being the “definitive people” of Malaysia — i.e. only a Malay could be a true Malaysian.

See the parts that I bold. Can even you imagine that statement being made? This shows that the authors of the wikipedia article are either so ignorant or that they are so consumed by hatred that they forget the obvious. That it is actually Singapore which is now a one party state! This is worse than a one party government!!!

Moreover, it is clear that Singapore is not ruled by all Singaporeans. Singapore is ruled only by the PAP. And by this virtue Singapore is not for all Singaporeans in the truest sense. I would say that if he were to rule Malaysia, there will certainly be less democracy than it is today. People would not even dare to conduct large scale street protests such as have been done by Bersih and Hindraf.

Most importantly, Lee Kuan Yew’s Malaysia for Malaysian policy is not based on Democratic principles. Instead, that policy, it was to be implemented, will be based only on his principles.

Of course, I don’t blame the short-sightedness of the authors of this wikepedia article. They after all are voicing out their dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, I sometimes think that these people have sold their souls to the devil. [In this context the devil is the authoritarian, anti-democratic PAP].

However, the main reason for this posting is to illustrate the difficulties in erasing one enduring legacy of colonialism.

And to end this post, I would like to highlight one interesting thing about this legacy. This is done with the ‘help’ of a comment which appears in Jeff Ooi’s posting titled: Glocal Australian, anyone?

The commenter in question is called – dorz – whom posted his/her comment on Dec 6, 10:59am (I think this has to be Malaysian time – the equivalent Aust time is perhaps 1:59pm – but this depends on where dorz is in Australia):

Oh yes, I am a Malaysian staying in Australia, I am so happy when “Lu Kewen” won, i am so impress with his Mandarin proficiency, so much so made me feel ashamed of myself. I understand what he was saying in that interview, but don’t think I as fluent as him.

He brought in some relieves and a breath of fresh air to the country, everyone esp those in the urban areas are sick and tired of his predecessor whose political party was practically “dismantled” – all the senior ex cabinet members quit frontbench.

I guess politics here is different if compare to malaysia – here it’s not based not races – although opposition has taken control – but nobody is worried whether they will be discriminated, sidelined etc. Some may say its left wing and right wing – to me its all the same, just their ability to convince the people whether they are able to do a god job for the benefits of Australians – citizens and residents (like myself). Residents dont made to feel that they are 2nd class citizen – they get to share the benefits like australian citizens the only difference is not able to vote – thats all

Source: Glocal Australian, anyone? @ JeffOoi

I think that the commenter has not really lived in Australia that long, or perhaps he or she has not read the papers. There so many instances in that statement that shows how ignorant the commenter is to Australia. dorz can’t even differentiate the policy differences between Labor and the Coalition! What a joker!

Perhaps this bit of a news piece may be a good reminder:

Hate-smear Liberal leaflet drop referred to police
PRIME Minister John Howard’s re-election campaign has been dealt a devastating blow two days before polling day by a hoax pamphlet distributed by Liberals in a marginal Sydney electorate.
Two new opinion polls to be published in newspapers tomorrow show Labor heading for a win, while Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph has urged readers to vote for Kevin Rudd after backing the Coalition at every election since 1998.

On a day when Mr Howard was making his final set-piece appeal to voters, he was distracted by the bogus flyer letterboxed in the Liberal seat of Lindsay.
Muslim groups said they were being used as a political football

See the news in full here: Hate-smear Liberal leaflet drop referred to police @ www.news.com.au

And perhaps readers should see the racist leaflet too here – See the leaflet at the centre of the scandal (.pdf)

And to return back to my statement which I made earlier in The Enduring Legacies of Colonialism:

Some say that Malaysia is a legacy of the retreating British Empire. Who can forget Sukarno who claims Malaysia is a neo-colonialist entity: a British Grand Design to maintain its presence in the South East Asia region

And now, even though Sukarno is now gone, there are so many others who take his place. Ironically many of them are Malaysians!


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