The Enduring Legacies of Colonialism

In this post: I am writing about one issue which may be a passé some, but in reality pervades our lives.

One such issue is the enduring legacies of colonialism.

The legacies of colonialism are complex. There are many kinds and types of legacies which our former colonial masters have bestowed upon us. Some of these legacies are seen to be beneficial and some are seen to be harmful. But matters are more complex than that. Even in the dichotomy of good or bad, beneficial or harmful, there seems to be no complete consensus.

One legacy of colonialism is the creation of nation-states that used to be ruled by the colonial masters:

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Picture Credits: Flag of Malaysia @ Wikipedia

Some say that Malaysia is a legacy of the retreating British Empire. Who can forget Sukarno who claims Malaysia is a neo-colonialist entity: a British Grand Design to maintain its presence in the South East Asia region.

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Picture Credits: Flag of Australia @ Wikipedia

Now, it is very obvious that Australia still maintain a considerable degree of colonial legacy. The flag itself tells a lot about the colonial legacy. Of course, the head of state is the Queen; which is represented by the Governor General. However, not all Australian accept the British monarch as their head of state. Enter the ‘Republican Debate’. The so called ‘Republican Debate” is still going on, though its intensity fluctuates over the years.

There are more colonial legacies. Some are visible, but others are less apparent. I may return to this topic in the future.

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