Hindraf’s War Against Malaysia?

After reviewing some newspaper articles and reports from the internet, I think I can safely make this conclusion. At this stage, I would say that Hindraf’s actions is akin to a declaration of war.

I sincerely think that asking for sanctions is not the way forward. First, Hindraf’s action is potentially very harmful to all Malaysians. But more sadly Hindraf’s action will be very detrimental to the Indian community. Don’t Hindraf know, if sanctions are applied to Malaysia, then it is the Indian community that will suffer the most? Secondly, Hindraf’s action is tantamount to a declaration of war. By doing so, Hindraf is contradicting its (now) so called non-violent approach to uplift the Malaysian Indian community.

Now, readers may notice the question mark in the title. The question mark actually signifies my cautious statement. As the dust has not settled in the Hindraf affair, things are still fluid and hazy.

One thing I wish that Hindraf can do to clarify matters is to answer (and/or respond to) Nathaniel Tan’s open letter as it was published in Malaysiakini.

So, I am still waiting….

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